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Global trade plays key role in species threats: study
國際貿易 威脅物種生存的要角

Containers are seen piled up by an empty ship berth at Tokyo Port in Japan on May 10.

Photo: EPA

Nearly a third of animal species under threat in developing nations can be linked to global trade of manufactured goods and commodities such as sugar, coffee and cocoa, researchers said on June 6.

Policies aimed at curbing threats to species should take into account not only local producers who degrade the land, but also foreign consumers who benefit from products at the expense of the habitat, said a study led by the University of Sydney.

“Excluding invasive species, we found that 30 percent of species threats are due to international trade,” said the study, published in the June 7 edition of Nature.

For example, the spider monkey is endangered and threatened by habitat loss linked to coffee and cocoa plantations in Mexico and Central America, which export their products abroad.

The US, the EU and Japan are the main destinations for commodities associated with species threats, while Indonesia and Malaysia are among the biggest exporters, the study found.

“To combat biodiversity loss, policies aimed at producers, traders and consumers must be implemented in parallel,” the authors wrote.










1. commodity n.

商品 (shang1 pin3)

例: Global commodity prices are climbing.


2. take … into account v. phr.

納入考慮 (na4 ru4 kao3 lu4)

例: Some consumers don’t take into account the actual source of the pirated goods.


3. at the expense of prep. phr.

以…為代價 (yi3 … wei2 dai4 jia4)

例: She completed the work at the expense of her health.


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