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North Korean lifts three times body weight

North Korea’s Om Yun Chol celebrates with his gold on the podium for the weightlifting men’s 56kg during the 2012 London Olympic Games in London, England on July 29.

Photo: AFP

North Korea’s Om Yun Chol on July 29 joined an exclusive group of weightlifters who have lifted three times their body weight in the clean and jerk.

According to Om, it was all thanks to the “Great Leader.” Om, who stands just 152cm tall, also set an Olympic record when he cleared 168kg in the clean and jerk in the men’s 56kg category — and immediately gave all the credit to late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il.

Om’s achievement was even more impressive considering he was competing in the “B” group with lower-ranked lifters. Medal contenders generally compete in the “A” group.

Om’s record lift was also surprising because he was ranked just 11th in the world in 2011 and the best clean and jerk he registered last year was 156kg.

Om cleared 160 and 165kg on his first two attempts and got the crowd even more riled up when it was announced he would go for the Olympic mark. Om then confidently squatted to grab the bar and, after securing it at his shoulders on the clean, executed a powerful and steady jerk above his head.

Only a handful of lifters have cleared three times their body weight before, including Halil Mutlu and Naim Suleymanoglu of Turkey.










1. clean and jerk n. phr.

挺舉 (ting2 ju3)

例: “Clean and jerk” is an weightlifting Olympic event, and it is different from “snatch.”


2. credit n.

功勞 (gong1 lao2)

例: The doctor took entire credit for his patient’s recovery.


3. go for v. phr.

力拼;極力爭取 (li4 pin1; ji2 li4 zheng1 qu3)

例: I’d go for the position if I were you.


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