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A : Jim, you’ve once again failed to complete your assignment. What’s been going on recently? Is something keeping you from doing your job?

B : I’ve been having trouble lately finishing everything for these projects.

A : I’ve noticed that you’re under a lot of pressure every day. You should pinpoint what your problems are.

B : I think I’m having trouble managing my time, but I’ll give it some more thought.

A : 吉姆,這次任務你又沒達成。你最近是怎麼了,是不是無心工作啊?

B : 最近公司的案子我屢戰屢敗。

A : 我看你每天壓力都很大,應該要設法找出自己的瓶頸。

B: 我想應該是我的時間管理出了問題。我會仔細想想

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