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A : Help me fill out this online questionnaire for a friend. He’s a psychology major doing research on Internet behavior.

B : Let me take a look. There are 106 questions. I don’t think anyone would fill that out.

A : No, the questions are really simple. It won’t take very long at all.

B : It will still take some time. OK. I’ll do it later when I have some free time.

A : 幫忙填個網路問卷調查吧,我朋友是心理系的,他要做網路行為研究。

B : 我看看,題目一共有一百0六題!這麼多,應該沒有人會想填吧。

A : 不會啦,每一題都很簡單,一下子就做完了。

B : 還是很花時間啊。好吧,我晚一點有空再填。

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