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University student volunteers go to rural villages and outlying islands for the summer
大學生暑假當志工 深入偏鄉離島

A group of 195 student volunteers from the Ultimate Love Service Association in Hsinchu City pose for a group photo in Hsinchu County on July 3.

Photo: Hung Mei-hsiu, Liberty Times

Aside from having fun or working, what else are university students up to during the summer vacation? Students from Taipei Chengshih University of Science and Technology (TPCU) led nearly 200 vocational high school students in experiencing what it is like to be a university student, while students in clubs at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) traveled to Taiwan’s rural areas and outlying islands to do volunteer work, helping Aborigines repair damaged electrical appliances.

TPCU’s College of Business and Management organized a two-day “Information Sciences Camp,” bringing together more than 30 teacher and student volunteers for nearly 200 vocational high school students from Yilan County’s Loudong Township, who stayed in the university dorms. The courses they taught allowed students to experience university life firsthand, teaching them about cloud computing as well as how to make computer games and electronic books.

Lu Shao-yu, a third-year student in the Department of Information Management who served as a volunteer instructor, laughed as he said that it is a unique experience to guide the other students, and also a great way to grow as an individual. Offering the example of the first time they met with the vocational high school students from Luodong, he said everyone was quite shy, so he prepared some games to make them feel more at ease.

The camp group also went to Taipei Port to observe its logistical processes, which included ships entering the port, unloading their shipments, separating goods into groups and packaging them, as well as the process of making sure the goods get to their intended destination. Every aspect of this complex process had to be completed with the utmost accuracy in a very short period of time. Not only were the vocational students surprised at how impressive the process was, the volunteer instructors also gained a lot from the experience.


1. electrical appliance n. phr.

電器 (dian4 qi4)

例: The electrical toaster is one of the oldest electrical appliances that is still commonly used today.


2. shy adj.

害羞的 (hai4 xiu1 de5)

例: Buddy was too shy to ask for the girl’s phone number, but fortunately she offered it to him.


3. fix v.

修理;維修 (xiu1 li3; wei2 xiu1)

例: Instead of fixing the old TV, they decided to buy a new one.


Students from NTUST have gone a bit farther, traveling around Taiwan and abroad. Around 100 students are participating in the summer volunteer program. Students from the school’s piano club are teaching children piano in Taipei, while those going abroad are serving as volunteers in northern Thailand, teaching children English, math and Chinese in the mountains at very high altitudes.

NTUST’s Lu La La Recreational and Educational Club has gone to Chipei Island in the Penghu archipelago to hold a “Handy Renewable Energy Camp,” where they are helping children improve their community environment, and teaching them how to make toys and decorations from recyclable products. The school’s Social Service Club has gone to a Seediq village in Nantou County’s Jenai Township to help repair damaged electrical appliances. They have collected more than 100 electrical appliances from local residents.

The club sent 40 students to the village, and although most of them have a background in electrical engineering, they still had quite a lot to brush up on when it came to their repairing skills. They fixed an old radio that was over 20 years old. It had been part of a local resident’s life over the years, and it was quite moving when they were able to make it work again.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)


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