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Tohoku students to play ‘drums for rebuilding’ in Germany

The photo shows the aftermath of the tsunami destruction at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, in Fukushima prefecture, Japan on March 11, 2011.

Photo: EPA

After their percussion instruments were destroyed in last year’s tsunami, students at Ogatsu Junior High School replaced them using old tires.

Now, the 31 students are preparing to perform traditional wadaiko shows in Germany with their hand-made drums that they call fukko wadaiko (circle drums for rebuilding).

Through the performances that start on March 16, the students want to send a message, “We lost our property, but we are hanging in there.”

Mitsuaki Sato, a wadaiko composer from the same prefecture, told the students in February not to be discouraged by their lost instruments.

“Use that anger in your performances,” Sato, 44, told them. “Don’t be shy.”

The fukko wadaiko drums consist of tires wrapped in clear vinyl tape. When the tape weakens, the drums are simply rewrapped.

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1. hang in there v. phr.

堅持不懈;撐下去 (jian1 chi2 bu2 xie4; cheng1 xia4 qu4)

例: My shop isn’t making a lot of money, but I’m hanging in there.


2. discourage v.

使洩氣;打消念頭 (shi3 xie4 qi4; da3 xiao1 nian4 tou2)

例: I hope I can discourage her from leaving.


3. consist of adj. phr.

由…構成 (you2 … gou4 cheng2)

例: The U.S. Senate consists of two elected officials from each state.


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