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A : I’ve noticed that the bounce rate for our Web site is as high as 70 percent. That’s really way too high.

B : Do you think it’s because of the layout?

A : Look at this. Seventy-three percent of people visiting the site leave it after 10 seconds, which probably means they don’t see anything they want on the site.

B : This is definitely something worth checking up on.

A : 我發現我們網站的退出率很高耶,居然高達70%!

B : 會是版型的問題嗎?

A : 你看,到站停留時間在0到10 秒以內的人高達73%,很可能是他們在這裡找不到想看的內容。

B : 這個問題值得深入研究。

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