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Beauty costs: French taxman targeting tummy tucks

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy is seen on stage at Trocadero square to deliver a speech in Paris, France on May 1.

Photo: Reuters

France’s wealthy could take it on the nose if the French taxman gets his way and cosmetic surgery becomes subject to the value added tax (VAT).

France’s new Socialist government has promised to tax the rich, and the tax authorities are looking at going after expensive cosmetic surgery such as tummy tucks, liposuction and breast enhancements that so far have escaped the country’s 19.6 percent VAT.

The tax authorities have issued a finding that operations for aesthetic rather than health purposes should be taxed, and the finance ministry is currently studying which procedures to target.

France’s financial inspector general has calculated that the government needs to find 3.9 billion euros (NT$146.2 billion) each year if the country is to keep its promise to bring its budget back into balance by 2017.








1. take it on the nose idiom

承受衝擊;挺身面對 (cheng2 shou4 chong1 ji2; ting3 shen1 mian4 dui4)

例: No matter what happens, he will take it on the nose.


2. get one’s way v. phr.

讓他人聽從其意願行事 (rang4 ta1 ren2 ting1 cong2 qi2 yi4 yuan4 xing2 shi4)

例: He’s determined to get his way on this project.


3. go after v. phr.

設法得到;追求 (she4 fa3 de2 dao4; zhui1 qiu2)

例: He’s going after that girl.


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