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Taiwanese and Australian combined art exhibit touring Taiwan and Australia

Artist Wu Chin-yuan stands next to one of his paintings in Greater Tainan on July 7.

Photo: Hong Rui-chin, Liberty Times

Starting this month, the inspiring and original works of 27 contemporary artists from Taiwan and Australia are on display as part of an exhibition tour — Blossom Spirit, which will last until late November. The exhibition will be on display in Melbourne, the Tainan Municipal Cultural Center, and the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Kinmen County.

As art is a universal language, Hsu Tsui-hua, the main organizer of the hovering exhibition, led a number of Australian artists to visit the Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery and the Sincewell Gallery in Greater Kaohsiung three years ago for artistic exchanges, and giving them a chance to make sketches in Taiwan and Kinmen County. It was an unforgettable artistic journey for these international friends. The Blossom Spirit tour is organized in collaboration with the Hsin Hsiang Art Association of Greater Tainan, helping Taiwan and Australia hold their exhibitions in tandem. Furthermore, this is the only exhibition selected by the Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery of Greater Kaohsiung to be put on display internationally at the Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery of Melbourne, allowing beautiful Taiwanese art to be shown in Australia and great Australian art to be on display in Taiwan.

Taiwanese artists participating in the exhibition tour include Wu Chin-yuan, Liu Jung-ying, Chen Chao-ming, Lin Chun-cheng, Chen Yao-wu, Chou Chen-tung, Chen Mei-yun, Yang Yung-pen, Wang Yung-chuan, Kuo Che-chuan, Chen Ping, Mo Chia-pin, Chen Yu-pin, Chuang Ya-tung, Hu Ming-ching, Yen Pi-ling, Wu Ke-wen, Hsu Tsui-hua, Huang Yen-jung, Feng Hsiao-ying, and Lin Chao-yu, while the Australian artists include Fay Salmon, Sandra Angliss, Anne Langdon, Jan Ross, Bridget O’Leary and Roma McLaughlin. The exhibition at Tainan Municipal Cultural Center will be on display until tomorrow. The exhibition at the Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery of Melbourne lasts until Aug. 31, and the exhibition at the Kinmen County Cultural Affairs Bureau will be on display from Nov.17 until Nov. 29.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)


1. contemporary adj.

當代的 (dang1 dai4 de5)

例: Improvisation plays a major role in contemporary dance.


2. tour n.

巡迴演出 (xun2 hui2 yan3 chu1)

例: The band’s European tour was cut short by the sudden death of their drummer.


3. sketch n.

寫生;素描 (xie3 sheng1; su4 miao2)

例: The police have released a sketch of the suspect.




台灣藝術家包括吳金原、劉蓉鶯、陳昭明、林俊成、 陳耀武、周振東、陳美雲、楊永本、王永泉、郭哲全、陳萍、莫嘉賓、陳毓彬、莊雅棟、胡明晶、顏碧玲、吳可文、許翠華、黃焉蓉、馮孝英、林昭宇。澳洲藝術家則為 Fay Salmon、Sandra Angliss、Anne Langdon、Jan Ross、Bridget O’Leary、Roma McLaughlin。台南文化中心展期至明天,墨爾本佛光緣美術館展期至八月三十一日,金門縣文化局展期十一月十七日至二十九日。


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