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A : I don’t get it. Why do young people use so many emoticons in formal e-mails?

B : I’ve asked them. They say it makes e-mails seem more friendly and that it improves communication.

A : But is it really necessary for a formal business conversation?

B : I guess that’s what they mean when they talk about a generation gap.

A : 我不懂,為什麼年輕人愛在公事往來的e-mail裡面,打這麼多表情符號?

B : 我問過,據他們說,插入可愛的文字或符號,能緩和氣氛,增進溝通。

A : 但是在正式的工作對談,真的有必要這樣嗎?

B : 這可能就是所謂的代溝吧。

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