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London airport queues ‘depend on wind’
倫敦機場排隊長短 「要看風向」

A Singapore Airline passenger jet flies over Windsor Castle on its way to Heathrow Airport in London on March 25.

Photo: Reuters

Long waits to clear passport control at London Heathrow Airport can depend on which way the wind is blowing, Britain’s immigration minister said.

Delays at the world’s busiest airport for international passenger traffic have triggered a furor in Britain as the clock ticks down to the July 27 opening of the London Olympics, for which Heathrow will be the main gateway.

Immigration Minister Damian Green said passengers from New York might well have to wait longer to clear passport control if their flight arrives 10 minutes after one from Lagos in Nigeria, for example, rather than 10 minutes before.

“That will depend on the wind, over which, with the best will in the world, airlines and the Border Force don’t have the control,” he told a parliamentary committee.

BAA, the airport’s owner and operator, said some passengers had to wait up to three hours to get through Heathrow Terminal 4 last month. Green said the queue lengths seen at some times of the day at Heathrow were “unacceptable.”

British actress Joan Collins blasted Home Secretary Theresa May after being held up at Heathrow recently. “ Thousands waiting at passport control — listen up Ms. May — need more officers!” the 78-year-old former Dynasty star said on Twitter.

(Liberty Times)








1. depend on v. phr.

視…而定 (shi4 … er2 ding4)

例: Whether the flight will take off as scheduled will depend on the weather conditions.


2. furor n.

狂怒 (kuang2 nu4)

例: His homophobic speech sparked furor in the Taiwan LGBT community.


3. unacceptable adj.

不被接受的 (bu2 bei4 jie1 shou4 de5)

例: All bigotry is unacceptable in a just society.



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