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Most say Bush to blame for weak US economy

Former presidents George Bush and George W. Bush, left, pose for a photograph aboard the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77) on June 10.
前美國總統喬治.布希與前美國總統喬治.沃克.布希(左)六月十日在老布希號航空母艦(CVN 77)上合影。

Photo: AFP

About two-thirds of Americans believe Republican former US president George W. Bush is responsible for the nation’s struggling economy, with a smaller percentage blaming Democratic President Barack Obama, a Gallup poll showed.

About 68 percent of the more than 1,000 adults surveyed nationwide said Bush, who left office in January 2009, deserves a “moderate amount” or a “great deal” of the blame for the US economic woes compared to 52 percent who pointed to his successor Obama, the poll found.

Poll respondents who identified themselves as Republicans were split, with 49 percent saying Bush deserved a moderate amount or great deal of the blame while 51 percent said Bush deserved not much of the blame or none at all, the poll found.

Among Democrats, 90 percent blamed Bush for the weak economy and only 19 percent said Obama should carry much of the blame, according to the poll, conducted by telephone June 7 to 10.

Independent voters, who could play a critical role in the November election, were more likely to blame Bush (67 percent) than Obama (51 percent).

“Americans continue to place more blame for the nation’s economic problems on George W. Bush than on Barack Obama, even though Bush left office more than three years ago,” Gallup said, adding that “this suggests that Obama’s argument that he is on the right track and needs more time to turn the economy around could fall on receptive ears, particularly those of independents.”






1. to blame for adj. phr.

該受責備的;應承擔責任的 (gai1 shou4 ze2 bei4 de5; ying1 cheng2 dan1 ze2 ren4 de5 )

例: People say the greed of Wall Street is partially to blame for the global economic crisis.


2. on the right track prep. phr.

循著正確的路線 (xun2 zhe5 zheng4 que4 de5 lu4 xian4)

例: Our success in the opinion polls proves we’re on the right track.


3. fall on … ears v. phr.

獲得(某種態度的)聽取 (huo4 de2 (mou2 zhong3 tai4 du4 de5) ting1 qu3)

例: The proposal fell on deaf ears.






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