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A : Avery, why did you transfer to the sales department?

B : I’ve been in the finance department for a year, but I’d like to get a better understanding of how the company works and challenge myself.

A : OK. Is there anything you’re not satisfied with in this department?

B : No. The manager and my co-workers are really nice to me. I’m transferring purely out of a desire to try something new and apply my cost management skills in sales.

A : Avery,你為什麼想調換到業務部?

B : 我在財務部待了一年,我想更了解公司,接受更多挑戰。

A : 目前這個部門,你有甚麼不滿意的嗎?

B : 沒有,主管跟同事都對我非常好。調部門純粹是想挑戰新領域的工作,並且能把成本控管的專長運用在業務工作。

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