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700 lost umbrellas left on HRS trains over the past six months
旅客常掉傘 高鐵半年撿七百支

Spectators hide under umbrellas at a semifinal tennis match of the French Open in Paris on June 8.

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A necessity for people during the plum rain season and typhoons, umbrellas are also one of the easiest things to lose. More than 300 umbrellas have been lost at Taiwan High Speed Rail’s (HSR) eight stations over the past two months, and 700 over the past six months.

Browsing through the lost items section of the HSR Web site, you will see that over the past six months, more than 1,200 unclaimed items belonging to the cash, bank passbooks, and negotiable securities category have been left on HSR trains. In the electronics category, which includes laptops, cameras and cellphones, there are more than 300 lost items. Due to the plum rain season, more than 300 umbrellas have been lost on the HSR line in just the past two months.

More than 2,000 items of clothing, hats, eyeglasses and scarves have also been left on the train line, and nearly 100 pieces of jewelry, including gold necklaces and gold rings, as well as nearly 500 unclaimed wallets and identity documents.

Wedding cookies are often left behind after passengers take return trains home from out-of-town wedding receptions. HSR says it typically keeps unclaimed food items until the best-before date. At the Taichung HSR station alone, there are two refrigerators full of lost food items, which are eventually disposed of on the expiration date.

Legislator Ho Hsin-chun, who takes the HSR line to Taipei every day, said that she lost a thermos on the train in the middle of the month. She recalled leaving it on the train two or three days later, and since the thermos was so cute and because she cares for her things, she decided to contact the company’s customer service desk. They did indeed locate it, so Ho praised the HSR’s ability to find lost items.


1. necklace n.

項鍊 (xiang4 lian4)

例: Betty’s husband gave her a diamond necklace for their 30th anniversary.


2. thermos n.

保溫瓶 (bao3 wen1 ping2)

例: I burned my hand because this thermos leaks.


3. luggage rack n. phr.

行李架 (xing2 li3 jia4)

例: Your suitcase is so heavy that it broke the luggage rack.


Chi Mei-ru, a public relations officer at the Taichung station, said that people typically leave items on luggage racks or clothing racks, so she would like to remind people to check and see if they are forgetting any of their belongings before disembarking the train. Aside from using the company’s Web site to find lost items, passengers can also visit the stations’ customer service counters. Lost items can be retrieved faster by showing your ticket to pinpoint your location. The Web site only lists items that have been lost in the past six months, so you have to check with customer service to find any items that were lost more than six months ago.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)








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