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A : Carson, long time no see. Happy birthday.

B : Thanks, Bailey. I didn’t know you knew when my birthday was. You even called as well.

A : Of course. Most people use apps to send birthday wishes or just write messages on Facebook, but I always call close friends on the telephone to say happy birthday.

B : Wow, you’re so considerate!

A : Carson,好久不見。祝你生日快樂!

B : Bailey,謝謝你!沒想到你記得我的生日,還親自打電話給我!

A : 當然啦,現在很多人都習慣用APP傳生日祝福,或直接到臉書留言,但是熟的朋友我一定都親自打電話獻上祝福。

B : 哇,你真的好窩心!

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