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Heathrow offering rich passengers ‘secret’ backdoor queue-jumping service

A traveler passes the Olympic logo during an unveiling ceremony in the Terminal Five arrivals hall at Heathrow Airport in London on June 20.

Photo: Reuters

Wealthy travelers can pay 1,800 pounds (NT$84,500) to jump long immigration queues at Heathrow airport.

The service, described as Heathrow’s “best kept” secret has outraged critics at a time when many passengers are forced to endure a three-hour wait to enter the country.

Passengers who pay the 1,800 pounds fee are whisked by limousine from their aircraft to a VIP suite, where they can sip champagne while their passports are checked and their luggage is brought to them.

Staff shortages, caused by recent government cutbacks, have been blamed for weeks of chaos at Britain’s airports.

Louise Ellman, chairwoman of the Commons transport select committee said the VIP offer “shows the contempt for members of the public trying to get into the country.”

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1. jump the queue v. phr.

不按秩序排隊;插隊 (bu2 an4 zhi4 xu4 pei2 dui4; cha1 dui4)

例: I don’t think it’s good to jump the queue.


2. endure v.

忍受 (ren3 shou4)

例: I just find it hard to endure the hot and humid weather.


3. whisk v.

移到別處 (yi2 dao4 bie2 chu4)

例: The fire fighters came and whisked the students away

to a safe place.


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