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A : I sent the new product catalogue to our customers, but haven’t heard anything from them yet. I’ve been waiting for a while now and haven’t made any progress.

B : Why don’t you just go pay them a visit?

A : I’m not familiar with most of them. We’ve only talked on the phone.

B : You’ll have to call them to set a time. Just remember to be polite and don’t talk business right away, and just stay in contact with them every few days if they say no.

A : 我寄出好多新產品目錄給客戶,都沒下文,拖了好久一點進展也沒。

B : 何不直接去拜訪客戶?

A : 可是那些大部份是陌生客戶,之前電話聯絡過。

B : 還是得打電話去約時間啊,記得口氣要好,不要一開口就談生意,如果還不行的話就先保持聯絡,幾天後再打一次。

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