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A : Logan, the advertising schedule you handed in is old. Did you send the wrong file?

B : No. It’s the right one.

A : But it doesn’t follow any of the strategies or principles discussed at the last meeting.

B : Sorry. I wasn’t at the last meeting. Maybe they left something out when they filled me in on what was discussed. Can you take a minute to tell me what was decided?

A : Logan,你交的宣傳排程內容是舊的,你是不是寄錯檔案了?

B : 沒有,就是這一份。

A : 可是你的這份排程,完全沒有照著上次開會時訂出的策略和原則來安排。

B : 抱歉,上次開會我請假,很可能是同事轉達時,漏掉了。能不能請您轉述上次開會的決議?

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