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Kicking two unhealthy habits may bring big results

Students at Rose Hill Elementary School choose the salad bar for lunch in Commerce City, Colorado on May 1.

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Among the deluge of advice on how to be healthier, a new study suggests changing just two particular habits would go a long way toward helping people shape up: Get off the couch, and eat more fruits and vegetables.

In the study, researchers asked participants to take part in various combinations of healthy activities. The researchers divided the study’s 204 participants into four groups.

The group that was told to spend less time being sedentary and to eat more fruits and veggies increased the amount of fruits and vegetables they ate from one daily serving to almost three, on average, and they cut the amount of free time they spent being sedentary by more than 90 minutes per day. That group also changed other unhealthy habits in the process and saw the greatest overall gains.

Meanwhile, those in the study who were working toward other combinations of goals, such as exercising more and eating less fat, fared less well overall.

Researchers concluded that focusing on cutting sedentary time and adding more fruits and veggies ended up also limiting fatty food intake, which often occurs during the hours spent in front of the television.

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1. go a long way v. phr.

大有幫助 (da4 you3 bang1 zhu4)

例: His advice went a long way toward making our company more profitable.


2. participant n.

參與者 (can1 yu4 zhe3)

例: The marathon participants have already started the race.


3. sedentary adj.

久坐的 (jiu3 zuo4 de5)

例: People who lead a sedentary lifestyle are more prone to cardiovascular diseases.


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