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A : I got a text message from Tim this morning that simply said, “I quit.”

B : He used a text message to tell you he’s quitting? That’s outrageous. Quitting a job is a serious matter. You should give at least a month’s notice.

A : His irresponsible attitude made me not even want to ask why.

B : Young people today are using text messages to quit a job, not even saying it in person. It just goes to show how selfish and ill-mannered they are.

A : 我今天早上收到Tim的簡訊,只寫「我想辭職」。

B : 他只用簡訊跟你提離職?太誇張了!辭職是一件很慎重的事,至少得一個月前告知吧。

A : 看到這樣不負責任的通知,我連問也不想問,就放他走了。

B : 唉,現在年輕員工用簡訊離職,連親口打聲招呼都省略,只顯得他們自私又不懂禮貌!

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