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A : Dakota. What can I do for you?

B : Sir, when the company was selecting a new manager I wasn’t chosen. I work hard and my performance is the best year after year, so I wonder why I didn’t make the cut.

A : Honestly, I don’t think anyone in the company could take over your position. If I promote you to manager, the company might have some major problems, so I decided to keep you where you are and see how it goes.

A : Dakota,說吧,你找我有甚麼事。

B : 老闆,這次公司選新主管,我沒有被選上。我工作非常努力,績效也幾乎年年第一,我很想知道落選的原因。

A : 老實說,我覺得公司目前還找不到能接你位置的人。如果你升上主管,公司可能會出大問題,所以我決定把你留在原位,再觀察一陣子。

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