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Colombian thieves rob Internet cafe but forget to log out of Facebook

The sun rises behind the entrance sign to Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California on May 18.

Photo: Reuters

Two budding burglars in Calima, Colombia, are learning the hard way that Facebook and crime do not mix.

The two men walked into an Internet cafe in Calima and used two computers for a while. Eventually they got up, went to the register and demanded money after whipping out their guns. They got all the money and proceeded to escape on a motorcycle.

It may have appeared to be the perfect crime, except one of them forgot to log out of his Facebook account before attempting the robbery.

After the two men left, an employee in the cafe called the police, who discovered that one of the suspects left his Facebook account open on the computer he had been using. They used the information from the account to track down his home address. They then paid him a visit at home and took him to jail.

(Liberty Times)







1. budding adj.

初出茅廬的;新秀的 (chu1 chu1 mao2 lu2 de5; xin1 xiu4 de5)

例: This exhibition will showcase the 10 of the best budding artists in the area.


2. whip out v. phr.

突然取出 (tu2 ren2 qu3 chu1)

例: The girl whipped out her ballet shoes and

started dancing.


3. pay a visit v. phr.

登門拜訪 (deng1 men2 bai4 fang3)

例: I paid a visit to an old friend in the States.


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