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A : I received 10 e-mails from you about changing the Web site after the meeting yesterday. What’s going on?

B : I only thought of those things after the meeting. I was afraid I would forget, so I sent an e-mail every time something came to mind.

A : You should have planned ahead and discussed it at the meeting. To be more efficient make a list if you think of something afterward.

A : 昨天開完會後,我又收到十封你寄來關於網站修改建議的e-mail。怎麼回事?

B : 那些都是會後才想到的事情,因為怕忘記,一想到就寫下來寄給你。

A : 你應該事先規劃好,開會時提出。就算是事後才想起來,也應一次列出所有要修改的地方,這樣比較有效率!

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