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Tainan culture bureau to survey historic street areas

A historic street in Greater Tainan is shown in this photo taken last Wednesday.

Photo: Tsai Wen-chu, Liberty Times

The Tainan Cultural Affairs Bureau held a press conference last week to offer a response to suggestions made by civic groups in a petition. They said they are determined to preserve local cultural assets, including scrapping plans to widen the the old Tang Te-chang residence and Hsinmei Street areas, as well as tearing down the Tutsao Bridge. Thanking everyone for their suggestions, the bureau said that communication and discussions would continue.

The Greater Tainan Council passed Taiwan’s first self-government ordinance to revive Tainan’s historic street areas. Yeh Tse-shan, the bureau’s director, said they will start taking action soon and conduct a full-scale survey of the area.

Yeh said that residents in Tainan, commonly known as the cultural capital of Taiwan, do not only cherish official historic architecture, but also care about local historical memories that have been accumulated over the years. He said that it is for this reason that certain local government plans, including the planned expansion of the alley where the Tang Te-chang Residence is located, demolishing the Tutsao Bridge that runs across the Chianan Canal, as well as an expansion project for Hsinmei Street’s Chouchian Alley, will be shelved because the city government is determined to protect and preserve the city’s valuable historical culture.

He also said that since the self-government ordinance has passed, they will be able to more effectively and thoroughly preserve important street areas with the help of the city’s Public Works Bureau, the Bureau of Urban Development and public support and participation. In order to establish what area it covers, they will be surveying each district of the city soon, forming a review board and holding public hearings.


1. response n.

回應 (hui2 ying4)

例: She asked you a question. Why don’t you

give her a response?


2. determined to adj. phr.

有決心的 (you3 jue2 xin1 de5)

例: They are determined to win the contest.


3. asset n.

資產 (zi1 chan3)

例: The government seized all of Phillip’s assets after

he filed for bankruptcy.


Yeh said that the enforcement rules of the ordinance have yet to be established, but that they will begin by gradually setting the scope of the project, which will include what are generally recognized as historic street areas, for example, Anping District’s old settlement area and the area along Shennong Street, and propose these areas to the committee for further discussion.

Lin Chiao-pin, head of the bureau’s cultural infrastructure department, said this ordinance is not compulsory, but that it will provide subsidies for home owners who strive to preserve their historic homes. At the same time, the bureau will actively serve as liaison for cultural figures who can work in the area, bringing new life to historic street areas and allowing house owners to participate in the preservation of historic houses and street areas, he said.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)








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