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Dali’s Piaget currency on display for first time ever in Taiwan
Piaget與達利 本週抵台首展

Salvador Dali holds one of his gold coin designs from Piaget’s Dali d’Or line.
薩爾瓦多‧達利拿著他創造的Dali d’Or貨幣系列作品。

Photo courtesy of Piaget

Swiss luxury watchmaker Piaget is bringing to Taiwan its coin series Dali d’Or, which was created in collaboration with master surrealistic artist Salvador Dali in the 1960s. The items will be on display at Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall from June 16 until Sept. 30 as part of its exhibit — Crazy Dali, an Exhibition for a Master Surrealist. Out of the nearly 100 works that will be on display, the watches are among the rarest.

Dali created a new currency in 1967 called Dali d’Or, which included coins of four different values. On the front of the coins is the artist’s famous mustached profile along with a silhouette of his wife Gala — his muse. Eggs are featured on the back of the coins, representing a world in gestation. Dali’s work stirred the imagination of the people at Piaget, and led them to combine the coins with their super-light watches of the 1950s, eventually releasing the Dali d’Or line, which includes wristwatches, pocket watches, bracelets, and cufflinks, all made from 900/1000 fine gold. They were available only on a limited basis, and each individual item has its own unique serial number. No replicas were ever released over the years, either.

The Dali d’Or line is currently stored at Piaget’s headquarters in Geneva. Among the five works that are coming to Taiwan for the first time ever are a mysterious watch, a necklace, cufflinks, a money clip, and a key ring. They will be displayed in the same way they are displayed at Piaget’s classic Time Gallery, using a separate display area that consists of the original elegant yet simple dark blue display that is found in Geneva.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)


1. mustached adj.

留小鬍子的 (liu2 xiao3 hu2 zi5 de5)

例: It was a short, middle-aged, mustached

man who stole the bread.


2. replica n.

復刻品 (fu4 ke4 pin3)

例: They built a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge

over the river running through the town.


3. headquarters n.

總部 (zong3 bu4)

例: A spy infiltrated the party’s headquarters

to steal classified information.


瑞士奢華鐘錶公司Piaget伯爵將引進一九六0年代與超現實主義大師達利合作的Dali d’Or貨幣系列作品來台,六月十六日至九月三十日於台北中正紀念堂主辦的「瘋狂達利──超現實主義大師特展」中展出,是展示的近一百組件作品當中較罕見的作品。

達利於一九六七年創作出Dali d’Or貨幣系列,包括四種不同價值的金幣,正面為達利有小鬍子的側影與其靈感繆思妻子嘉拉的側影,金幣背面則銘刻其畫作中代表週期性象徵的「蛋」,用以代表一個正值孕育期的世界,由此激發伯爵的想像,將五零年代研發出的超薄機芯與之跨界合作,推出伯爵Dali d’Or系列,包括腕錶、懷錶、手鍊、袖釦等,以900/1000純金打造,限量發行,每件作品均附有限量編號,多年來未曾推出復刻作品。



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