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A : I went to a seminar yesterday and everyone was given an Android doll. It was raining, so they all stuck the dolls in their bags with just the heads sticking out. It was quite a sight!

B : Wow, I bet it was spectacular!

A : Yeah. A crowd of people walking around with these green Android dolls on their backs, advertising for the manufacturer.

A : 我昨天參加一場研討會,每個人都拿到一隻主辦單位送的Android娃娃。因為下雨,很多人把它塞到背包,只露出娃娃的頭,場面真是有趣!

B : 哇,走在路上一定很壯觀吧!

A : 對啊,一堆人背著綠色Android娃娃走在一起,還順便幫廠商做宣傳!

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