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Jesus the goat saved despite butting Norwegian cop

A Palestinian woman Najaht Jabareen milking her goat in the cave she lives in with her family in an area called Jinba, about 60km south of the West Bank city of Hebron on May 20.
一位巴勒斯坦女子Najaht Jabareen五月二十日在約旦河西岸希伯倫市六十公里稱為Jinba的區域,在其與家人居住的洞穴中擠羊奶。

Photo: EPA

Having a horned goat butt you in the behind would make anyone cross — even if the goat is named Jesus.

So it is no surprise that Jesus’ owner, Norwegian farmer Tor Brede Launes, decided to make the goat pay for his sins after he chased a mother and child up a tree before turning his sights— and his horns — on a police officer.

The animal attack took place on a small island off the south coast of Norway when Jesus “got gruff” with a mother and her child who climbed up a tree while cops were called to the scene, according to Norwegian Web site The Local. But Jesus, an 80kg billy goat, charged straight at one of the constables.

The incident obviously got the goat of Jesus’ owner, who decided that the animal was going to be meeting his maker on a fiery grill.

Amazingly, the goat must have suspected something because he soon went on the lam, forcing Launes to travel around the island crying out for Jesus.

It turns out Jesus may not have to die for his sins, according to The Local. After animal rights activists demanded Jesus be saved, Launes decided to put him up for sale, possibly for some altar wine.

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1. butt v.

撞到 (zhuang4 dao4)

例: They accidentally butted heads when they got up.


2. cross adj.

不高興的 (bu4 gao1 xing4 de5)

例: He did not mean to make you cross and he even apologized.


3. gruff adj.

粗魯的 (cu1 lu3 de5)

例: She is so upset about the waiter’s gruff manner.


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