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Police save words of blind author who wrote 26 pages after pen ran out

A woman reads the Koran in Braille at the Islamic Centre in Dushanbe, Tajikistan last Tuesday.

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A blind woman who did not realize the novel she was writing was blank after her pen ran out has been saved after a police force used forensic techniques to recover the words.

Forensics experts agreed to use a special scientific process to recover what Trish Vickers had written by examining the dents she had made in the pages.

Vickers, 59, was left devastated when she learned that her pen had run out and there was nothing on the first 26 pages of the book. She lost her sight seven years ago through diabetes and decided to write a novel to pass the time and keep her mind active.

She quickly penned the opening chapters. She waited for her son Simon to visit so he could read it back to her, but when he arrived he had to tell her that the pages were blank.

Incredibly, however, the manuscript was recovered after the family took it to their local police headquarters and asked for help.

Forensic experts worked in their spare time to read the indentations left on the A4 pages using a system of lights. It took five months of painstaking work, but the forensic team was able to recover the whole text.

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1. run out v. phr.

用完 (yong4 wan2)

例: My patience has run out.


2. pass the time v. phr.

消磨時間 (xiao1 mo2 shi2 jian1)

例: While she was home with a broken leg, she passed the time reading and listening to music.


3. painstaking adj.

費心的 (fei4 xin1 de5)

例: The excavation at the archaeological site was a painstaking process.


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