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Want to quit smoking? Try acupuncture or hypnosis

A protestor smokes a cigarette as he prepares to march in a rally against police brutality in Chicago, Illinois on Monday.

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Acupuncture and hypnosis have been promoted as drug-free ways to help smokers kick the habit, and there is some evidence that they work, according to a research review that looked at 14 international studies.

Researchers, whose findings appeared in the American Journal of Medicine, said that there are still plenty of questions, including exactly how effective alternative therapies might be and how they measure up against conventional methods to quit smoking.

But the alternatives should still stand as options for smokers determined to break the habit. In general, smokers who want to quit should first try the standard approaches, which include nicotine-replacement therapy, medications and behavioral counseling.

Researchers found that some studies showed that smokers subjected to acupuncture were more than three times as likely to be tobacco-free six months to a year later. Similarly, across four trials of hypnosis, smokers had a higher success rate with the therapy compared to people who had minimal help.

But there were some caveats, researchers said. The success rate was not consistent in all the tests conducted, although the broad trends pointed to the benefits of alternate treatment.(Reuters)







Warning: Smoking can damage your health.



1. kick the habit v. phr.

戒除 (jie4 chu2)

例: No coffee for me, thanks. I’m trying to kick the habit.


2. measure up against v. phr.

擺在一起比較 (bai3 zai4 yi4 qi3 bi3 jiao4)

例: Please measure Fred up against Tom and see who has the best qualifications.


3. caveat n.

警告 (jing3 gao4)

例: The look of doubt on his face prompted me to repeat the caveat.


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