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Bunnies galore in Tokyo district famed for maid cafes

Bunnies are seen in a pet shop in Neihu District, Taipei on Wednesday.

Photos: Lin Ya-ti, Taipei Times

So you want to hang out with a bunny?

Look no further than Candy Fruits’ Usagi no Yakata (Rabbit Hall) in Tokyo’s bustling Akihabara, a district known as much for its maid cafes now as it was for stores selling electronic gadgetry in days gone by.

“Welcome!” A woman in a pink outfit replete with rabbit ears says.

The staff members are known as “ko-usagi” (rabbit girls), but they are not the main attraction here — the rabbits are.

There is a basic charge of 1,600 yen (NT$600) per hour for admission. Coffee and tea are all-you-can-drink, but there is no food for people on the menu, only “rabbit snacks,” which cost an additional 200 yen and consist of finely chopped carrots, apples and turnip leaves — in other words, rabbit food. Visitors are allowed to play with the rabbits galore in the rabbit hall.

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1. hang out v. phr.

一起玩樂 (yi4 qi3 wan2 le4)

例: I wish you would stop hanging out with that

crowd of boys.


2. as much as adv. phr.

相當地;一樣多地 (xiang1 dang1 de5; yi2 yang4 duo1 de5)

例: People who live in this community consider him

a friend as much as a foe.


3. galore adj.

大量的 (da4 liang4 de5)

例: There were cherry blossoms galore along the river.


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