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A : Telex called today to tell me I got the job.

B : Congratulations. I heard competition was fierce. They only hired eight people out of the more than 100 they interviewed.

A : Yeah. I spent so many days preparing. I made a gorgeous portfolio and found someone to practice interviewing me every day.

B : No wonder you got the job if you worked that hard.

A : 今天T公司打電話來說我錄取了!

B : 恭喜!聽說那次面試很競爭,一百多個面試者中,只錄取八個人。

A : 是啊,我花好多天準備,做精美個人簡介和作品集,還每天找人演練面試題目。

B : 這麼用心準備,你當然會錄取 !

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