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First grader gets first haircut to donate hair

Girls line up in a classroom to have their hair cut for a hair donation event at Yuanlin Elementary in Changhua County on May 2.

Photo: Ruan Yi-yu, Liberty Times

A first grader named Liao Kui-yun, who had not had a haircut since she was born, came together with six middle school girls and some older high school girls to cut their hair at Yuanlin Elementary School in Changhua County on May 2. The hair was donated to A Skin-Graft With Love Foundation. Liao’s hair had grown down to her waist, but she was still more than willing to cut it and even said in excitement, “I have been waiting for this day for so long.”

A Skin-Graft With Love Foundation president, Chan Li-chu, says that for the past 30 years cancer has been the number one killer in Taiwan, and that around 100,000 people are diagnosed with cancer every year. Many chemotherapy patients lose their hair during treatment, which often makes them feel terrible, and some even avoid going through chemotherapy because they are afraid of losing their hair. Around five years ago, the foundation started organizing fundraiser events to collect hair for cancer patients, and then use the hair to make custom wigs for them. Around 4,500 people have donated their hair so far and as many as 700 cancer patients have received wigs from them.

Liao’s mother, Liao Pei-fang, who is a school nurse at Changhua’s Chongshih Industrial High School, was actually the one who organized the hair donation event. She said when her eldest daughter donated her hair three years ago, her younger daughter also wanted to donate her hair, but decided not to because she felt it was not long enough, so for the past three years she continued to let her hair grow out. Not only has she been patient about conditioning it, but she also endured the summer heat and insisted on not trimming it.


1. chemotherapy n.

化學療法 (hua4 xue2 liao2 fa3)

例: Charlie survived cancer after going through chemotherapy and having surgery.


2. wig n.

假髮 (jia2 fa3)

例: No one knew she was wearing a wig until she

suddenly took it off.


3. enthusiasm n.

熱情 (re4 qing2)

例: The fans have just as much enthusiasm

as the players.


On May 2, Chongshih Industrial High School’s director of student affairs, Yang Shih-chen, also had her three daughters donate their hair. They said, “The event was sponsored by our father, so of course we have to see this through.” The oldest daughter was not able to go to the event in person because she goes to school at National Taichung Girls’ Senior High School. Instead she went to get a haircut the night before and had Yang bring it to the school to donate it.

The school principal, Lin Yu-fen, who has gorgeous short hair, was so moved by the students’ enthusiasm for the hair donation event that she decided she would grow her hair out to donate it the following year with everyone else.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)







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