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A : Have you landed a new job yet?

B : No. I had an interview last week at an advertising agency, but they didn’t hire me.

A : Don’t get discouraged. Did they tell you why they didn’t hire you?

B : No, and I didn’t go out of my way to ask why, either.

A : You should write to thank them for the opportunity and ask them.

A : 你找到新工作了嗎?

B : 還沒,上禮拜去一間廣告公司面試,可是沒被錄取。

A : 別氣餒!對方有沒有說,不錄取你的原因是什麼?

B : 沒有,我也沒主動問。

A : 你應該寫一封信給對方,謝謝他給你機會,並趁機問一下沒被錄取的原因。

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