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A : What did you think of the company’s Lunar New Year party this year?

B : It was great. Everyone had a lot of fun.

A : Really? But Owen said they were really slow bringing out the food, the food wasn’t that good, and the games were all really old-fashioned. The longer it lasted, the more boring it got.

B : Never mind him, he’s always complaining.

A : 你覺得公司這次辦的春酒怎麼樣?

B : 很好啊,大家都玩得很開心。

A : 是喔,可是Owen說餐點上太慢且不好吃,還有玩的遊戲太老套,越到後面越無聊。

B : 你別理他,他就是這種愛挑剔的個性。

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