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A : Mr Lin, is this the first year your company has taken part in the exhibition?

B : Yes. In the past we have only participated in domestic exhibitions.

A : No wonder today’s the first time we’ve ever heard your company’s name then.

B : That’s OK. Here’s an introduction to our company. It will give you a better idea of what we are selling.

A : 林經理,請問貴公司今年是第一次參加這個展覽嗎?

B : 是啊,以往我們公司只參加國內的商展。

A : 難怪,今天才第一次聽到貴公司的名字。

B : 沒關係,這是我們的公司簡介,它會讓你對我們的產品有更多了解。

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