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Instagram fans moan over slap in the
Facebook Instagram

A Facebook sign is seen at the main entrance of Facebook’s new headquarters in Menlo Park in California on Feb. 1.

Photo: AFP

Facebook’s US$1 billion (NT$29.2 billion) gobbling up of Instagram has sent disgruntled fans of the photo-sharing app to the delete button.

Twitter and other online platforms recently buzzed with depictions of Facebook as a corporate monster trampling over a defenseless community of creative, free-spirited types. “Guess it’s time to delete my instagram app before Facebook ruins it,” griped a Twitter user.

For Instagram’s 30 million users, the cult-status app has a very different identity to the mass market Facebook. Unlike Facebook, there is no advertising, and certainly no selling of users’ personal details to advertisers.

“Its ability to let its users delicately toe the line between public and private gave us a little breathing room from the all-pervasiveness of Facebook, and to see it whisked away feels like a tangible loss,” wrote Jenna Wortham on the New York Times tech blog.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg went out of his way to reassure Instagram purists that they needn’t get their hands dirty. On his own Facebook page, Zuckerberg noted that users can maintain their Instagram photos off Facebook and also keep their Instagram followers separate.









1. gobble up v. phr.

吃下;狼吞虎嚥 (chi1 xia4; lang2 tun1 hu3 yan4)

例: The puppy usually gobbles up its food.


2. whisk away v. phr.

迅速移到別處 (xun4 su4 yi2 dao4 bie2 chu4)

例: The firemen came and whisked the students away to a safe place.


3. go out of one’s way v. phr.

盡力 (jin4 li4)

例: They really went out of their way to make us feel welcome by giving us the best room in the house.


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