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North Korea’s Kim Jong-un in first major public speech

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, center, waves as he arrives to have his picture taken with officials, artists and employees of the Mansudae Art Studio in Pyongyang April 19 in this picture released by the North’s KCNA.

Photo: Reuters

The new North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has made his first televised public speech, as Pyongyang marks the centenary of the birth of the country’s founder.

He offered respects to grandfather Kim Il-sung and late father Kim Jong-il. Mr Kim praised the “military first” doctrine and said the time his nation could be threatened was “forever over.”

There was also a huge military parade in the main square, which unveiled what appeared to be a large new missile — two days after a failed rocket launch. The launch was condemned by the international community, amid concern that it was a covert test of long-range missile technology.

“I express my greetings to our compatriots in South Korea and across the world who dedicate themselves to reunification and the prosperity of the nations,” he said reading from a script, in an address that lasted more than 20 minutes, as the crowds applauded throughout.

Mr Kim said peace was important but national pride more so. “Let us move forward to final victory,” he said. Mr Kim praised the country’s “military first” policy. “Superiority in military technology is no longer monopolized by imperialists,” he said.

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1. centenary n.

百年 (bai3 nian2)

例: The university has just celebrated its centenary.


2. covert adj.

掩飾的;祕密的 (yan3 shi4 de5; mi4 mi4 de5)

例: A man has been jailed for seven months for bike theft after a covert police operation.


3. monopolize v.

壟斷 (long3 duan4)

例: They are controlling so much cocoa that they are virtually monopolizing the market.


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