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A : Why do I still receive tonnes of junk mail every day, even after I’ve blocked so many e-mail addresses?

B : Because the senders change their e-mail addresses. You’ll never be able to completely block all of them.

A : I’m deleting this stuff every day until my hand’s about to fall off.

B : You can use anti-virus software to block e-mails. Activate the intercept function.

A : 為什麼我已經封鎖了上百個e-mail帳號,每天還是會收到一大堆垃圾信?

B : 因為寄件者會改變他的e-mail啊,你永遠防堵不完的啦。

A : 我每天刪這些垃圾信刪到手軟。

B : 你可以用防毒軟體擋信,打開它的「攔截垃圾信」功能。

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