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Remembering artist Chen Ting-shih a commemorative exhibit
滿庭詩意 回顧陳庭詩

One of Chen Ting-shih’s framed works in Greater Taichung on May 23 last year.

Photo: Su Meng-Chuan, Liberty Times

It has been 10 years since the passing of Chen Ting-shih, who is famous in the art world for his abstract prints and iron sculptures. The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts has organized a commemorative exhibit of his works titled, “Immersed in Poetic Grace: the 10th Anniversary Memorial Exhibition of Chen Ting-Shih.” The diverse and grand display of works included in the exhibit spans poetry, calligraphy, printing, painting, and sculpting.

Chen lived a life without sound after losing his hearing as a child, which was when he became deaf. He devoted his entire life to creating art, and toward the end of his life he was mostly involved in iron sculpting, using his aged wrinkled hands to pour new life into old scrap iron. The organizer of the exhibit, Liu Kao-hsing, says that aside from representing the versatile artistic life and uniqueness of the artist, the exhibit also focuses on allowing his poetry to serve as a medium for blending the sense of poetry and art found in his works. Visitors will feel as if they are appreciating a symphony of both poetry and art. The exhibit will be on display until July 1.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)





1. abstract adj.

抽象的 (chou1 xiang4 de5)

例: Certain words have very abstract meanings, while others seem more concrete.


2. span v.

橫跨 (heng2 kua4)

例: Her acting career spanned several decades.


3. sculpting n.

雕塑 (diao1 su4)

例: He is known for developing a very unique sculpting technique, which is now used by most sculptors.


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