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A : Do you have any other questions about the job?

B : How is overtime calculated? I just remember it being mentioned that a 14-month salary for a year is guaranteed, not including overtime and achievement bonuses.

A : Our company calculates it by multiplying your hourly pay by 1.33 if you work less than two hours of overtime, but if it exceeds that we multiply it by 1.66.

A : 請問你對工作內容還有什麼問題嗎?

B : 我想請問加班費的算法,我記得在工作說明上只有寫一年保障十四個月薪水,不含加班費、績效獎金等。

A : 我們公司的算法是,平常日加班二小時以內是時薪乘以一點三三,超過二小時是時薪乘以一點六六。

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