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A : If you can only read an entire article by clicking “like,” would you do it?

A : No. Facebook has had a lot of these shared articles lately. I always ignore them.

A : Me too. I don’t want to feel like I’m being forced to advertise for somebody.

A : I wonder who thought of this type of marketing. I think marketing on Facebook is already being abused.

A : 如果有一篇文章的內容要按讚才能看全部內容,你會按嗎?

B : 不會。最近在臉書上有好多這種轉貼文章,我都直接放棄不看。

A : 我也是,我不喜歡被強迫推銷的感覺。

B : 不知道是誰想出這種行銷手法的,而且我覺得臉書行銷已經被濫用了。

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