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Boost your chances of having a baby with two cups of tea a day
每天兩杯茶 可提高懷胎機率

Villagers pick green tea leaves at a field in the southeastern South Korean city of Hadong last Tuesday.

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Two cups of tea a day may help boost a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant, but steer clear of fizzy drinks, according to a study. It found women were 27 percent more likely to become pregnant if they regularly drank tea compared with those who did not.

However, the same research found consuming two carbonated fizzy drinks daily seems to reduce a woman’s prospects of conceiving — and it makes no difference if the cola is a diet or sugary version. Women who drank these soft drinks at least twice a day reduced their chances of becoming pregnant by 20 percent. There was no effect on the chances of pregnancy for women who preferred to drink coffee.

The findings were based on a group of 3,600 women who were actively trying to have a baby. The study’s author, Professor Elizabeth Hatch, of Boston University in the United States, wanted to determine if caffeine intake had any effect on women trying for a baby.

Hatch said, “We found that women who drank tea two or three times a day did have a 27 percent increased chance of becoming pregnant. We don’t know how they took the tea or if they added milk or lemon, but they had this increased chance of getting pregnant over women who did not drink tea at all.”

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