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A : Have you seen the movie “A Simple Life” yet?

B : Yeah, the story is quite moving. My friend even cried.

A : I was raised by my grandma and she also had to move to a nursing home when she got too old, so I was also quite moved.

B : Yeah, I think this movie looks at the issues of an aging society and makes people reflect.

A : 你去看過電影《桃姐》了嗎?

B : 有啊,劇情好感人喔,我朋友還哭了。

A : 我從小是外婆帶大的,她老了以後也一個人去住安養院,我也很有感觸。

B : 嗯,我覺得這部電影探討老年化社會的問題,還蠻發人省思的。

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