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A : Lately it’s been raining every day, so I can’t go jogging at the park. I’ve been a homebody for several days now.

B : You can go to the gym.

A : The gym is really expensive! I’m not willing to shell out that much money.

B : You could buy a stationary bicycle or a treadmill to have at home. They sell them on TV shopping channels, and they’re not that expensive.

A : 最近天天下雨,我下班後都不能去運動公園跑步,已經宅在家裡好幾天了。

B : 你可以去健身房啊。

A : 健身房收費很貴啊!我捨不得花這麼多錢。

B : 可以買一台腳踏車或跑步機放在家裡用啊,電視購物台都有賣,而且很便宜。

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