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A : Do you have any other suggestions for increasing the professionalism of our company’s Web site?

B : I think the color scheme also needs to be considered. It is crucially important for the overall style of the site.

A : Yes, but this sort of visual thing is very subjective. Do you have any suggestions?

B : Some Web sites provide free palettes. We can try that and talk about it again later.

A : 關於如何提升公司網站的「專業性」,不知各位有何不同的意見?

B : 我覺得「網站配色」也要考慮到,它是影響網站風格的重要關鍵之一。

A : 嗯,可是這種視覺性的東西很主觀。你有什麼建議嗎?

B : 有些網站提供免費的調色盤工具,我們可以試用,再來討論。

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