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Severe headaches tied to suicide attempts: study

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People with severe headaches, whether migraines or not, may be more likely to attempt suicide, according to a US study of more than a thousand people.

A number of studies over the years have found that people with migraines tend to have a higher suicide rate than those without, but it has not been clear if this is related specifically to the “biology of migraines,” said Naomi Breslau of Michigan State University at East Lansing, who led the study.

The study followed nearly 1,200 Detroit, Michigan-area adults. About 500 of them were migraine sufferers, while 151 had severe headaches that were not migraines. The rest were free of serious headaches and served as a control group. In this study, severe non-migraines were defined as intense headaches lasting more than four hours.

Over two years, the migraine and severe-headache groups had similar rates of attempted suicide. Almost nine percent of migraine sufferers said they had tried to kill themselves, as did 10 percent of those with severe non-migraine headaches, compared with a rate of just over one percent in the control group.








1. attempt n.

嘗試 (chang2 shi4)

例: This is my second attempt at the exam.


2. tend v.

傾向 (qing1 xiang4)

例: Women tend to live longer than men.


3. relate v.

使相關 (shi3 xiang1 guan1)

例: Researchers are saying poor exam results are related to large class sizes.


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