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Prank offer of free baby lands teen in trouble
網告送嬰兒 青少年惡作劇惹禍上身

Chinese parents and their babies take part in an early-education class at a school in Beijing on April 8.

Photo: AFP

A Clinton, Mississippi teen was pulling the leg of a friend when he advertised a free baby boy on Craigslist using the friend’s cellphone number on the contact information, police say.

Police Chief Don Byington would not identify the youths involved, but said the posting was “a bad practical joke.”

His department’s investigation shows the 18-year-old student at Clinton High School took a photo of an unknown baby boy from Google and placed the advertisement on Craigslist to give away — not to sell — the baby, Byington said.

Officers consulted with Craigslist and used the cell phone number to track down what happened, he said. The male student whose number was used without his permission “didn’t know until his friends called it to his attention,” Byington said.

Hinds County Assistant District Attorney Jamie McBride said the posting of such information on Craigslist can be prosecuted under state law that makes the “posting of messages through electronic media for the purpose of causing injury to another person” a felony.









1. pull one’s leg v. phr.

惡搞 (e4 gao3)

例: Don’t believe her. She’s just pulling your leg.


2. joke n.

玩笑 (wan2 xiao4)

例: Don’t take it too seriously. It’s just a joke.


3. attention n.

注意 (zhu4 yi4)

例: Please pay attention to notices posted on the bulletin board.


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