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NT$9.6 million on a booze bender ‘worth it’

A patron waves to others after hopping into a classic car parked outside a pub on Portobello Road in Notting Hill, London, on March 30.

Photo: Reuters

Foreign exchange trader Alex Hope who blew 204,000 pounds (NT$9.6 million) on a night bender to celebrate becoming a millionaire told The Sun he has no regrets — because he can earn that in days.

It is the most expensive bar bill in the UK. The epic outlay included 125,000 pounds on a bottle of the world’s priciest bubbly. He also shelled out over 60,000 pounds on other drinks and paid an 18,540 pounds service charge.

But the 23-year-old whiz kid, who lives in London’s Docklands, insists he is not a show-off. He said ”I was embarrassed because it made me look flash and really I’m not.”

“But I promised myself when I became a millionaire I would have a night out. I’ve worked hard to afford it. So why not? I can earn 50,000 pounds a day.”

(Liberty Times)






Warning: Excessive consumption of alcohol can damage your health.



1. bender n.

大肆喝酒狂歡 (da4 si4 he1 jiu3 kuang2 huan1)

例: The young man had a car accident after an all-night bender.


2. outlay n.

開支 (kai1 zhi1)

例: The company is planning a US$5 billion outlay this year for market development.


3. shell out v. phr.

付錢 (fu4 qian2)

例: The woman shelled out US$2,000 for famous-brand goods.


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