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A : Was your MSN account hacked? I just got a message from you asking me to buy a card with game points on it for you.

B : Yes, and the hacker also changed my password, so I can’t even access the account.

A : Do you want to apply to have the account frozen?

B : I think it’s too late for that. I just hope no one fell for it.

A : 你的MSN帳號是不是被盜用了?我剛收到你發的訊息,要我幫你買遊戲的點數卡?

B : 對!而且盜用我帳號的人還改掉我的密碼,害我根本不能登入!

A : 要不要先申請凍結MSN帳號?

B : 大概來不及了吧!希望沒有人上當。

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