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A : Do you know anyone who works at Sensation Makeup? I have an interview there.

B : Yeah. A classmate of mine worked in their marketing department for a while.

A : Really? How are the benefits there? Is it a hard job?

B : People have different opinions about benefits. I remember she often worked overtime, but that was because the company was doing really well in sales at the time.

A : 你有沒有認識的人在S化妝品公司上班?我最近要去那間公司面試。

B : 有啊,我同學曾在那裡的行銷部工作過一段時間。

A : 是喔,那邊福利好嗎?工作會不會很辛苦?

B : 福利好不好是見仁見智,我記得她常加班,不過常加班是因為那陣子公司業績很好的關係。

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